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TVS Associates founder Bernard D. Silverstein wainducted as an AIHA Fellow. AIHA awards the Fellow to no more than 5% of its membership - reserving the honor for those who have made significant, contributions to the field of IH. Mr. Silverstein received the 2011 AIHA Presidents Award for dedicated services and was presented  the 2010 Critic's Choice award for the The Value Strategy.

 TVS Associates, LLC provides exposure assessment, and risk management services to a wide variety of govt. and private organizations including many fortune 500 companies. 

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 TVS Associates is founded on the proposition that properly planned and executed occupational health, safety and environmental (HSE) solutions will bring value to a business or organization.  While our goal is always focused on HSE protection, working together we can use business values to identify the solutions that meet your needs. The value achieved can be measured in either a financial return on the investment or achieving goals and objectives such as product quality, HSE excellence or sustainability, to mention a few.  Improving working conditions not only reduces injuries and illnesses, but will improve worker moral, which can decrease absenteeism, and increase productivity.  


Our Mission

TVS Associates will provide your project team with the training and education to implement value-based HSE projects, programs and activities developed in the Value Strategy, a new AIHA publication1. Our associates can work hand-in-hand with your business/HSE team, facilitating the planning and execution of projects. Our core business is to promote cost-effective management solutions that provide a safe and healthful working environment while meeting corporate goals and objectives. Our consulting services are divided into the following specialized groups:


TVS Associates Consulting Services:

  1. Develop business case studies using the AIHA Value Strategy
  2. HSE Management Systems
  3. HSEl Audits and Inspections
  4. Industrial Hygiene
  5. Regulatory Compliance
  6. Training and Education


Key to the success of TVS Associates is our team of certified experts in their respective fields with decades of practical experience in developing sound, reliable HSE programs and practices from a wide variety of leadership positions and consulting services. 

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